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[American Artist/ Label], 1981

"Outgrowing the stems of popitude culture, art fabrications, and digital dystopia, vowing for a pixellated reinaissance of the Disney ghetto."


Geoffrey Lillemon @ Vangogh Museum, Mutli-Channel Video Art


Playgrounds Festival, Video Art


Adam & Eve BW SS 16 Artwork, Video Art


Geoffrey Lillemon Suzy Wine with La Parochialle Vineyards Italy.

A run of 1500 beautiful bottles called Suzy. Be Gay, Rose.

Girls Night-
Video Art


Exquisite Corpse Piece for Cloaque2.Mov coming out in Sept. 2015.

[Adult Swim] - Peneyes Nest,
Video Art

The tangled web we wieve.

Twente Biennale


Twente Biënnale -- International Art Festival - Eindelijk een coole Biënnale! 
Spraakmakende kunstmanifestatie, die ingaat op maatschappelijke actualiteit. 

Yelle Ba$$in


Directors: Diane Martel & Geoffrey Lillemon
Production Company: Maavven
Director of Photography: Isaac Bauman
Producer: Kimberly Stuckwich
Post Production & VFX: Geoffrey Lillemon, Realexis Christofides, Lazare Belbachir, Nathalie Maslanka
Editor: Daniel Miranda
1st Asst Director: Joe Suarez
Executive Producer: Coleen Haynes & Chris Clavadetscher

Shifting Optics 2 @ Upstream Gallery


Triptych I: The Meticulous Conception of the Deity Forlorn, 2015

A group show with Harm van den Dorpel, JODI, Geoffrey Lillemon, Rafaël Rozendaal, Lillian F. Schwartz and Peter Struycken.

Upstream Gallery Amsterdam proudly presents the exhibition Shifting Optics II, a sequel to the group exhibition signaling the fading boundaries between digital and analogue art practices (September 2014). That exhibition introduced a new generation of artists who effortlessly switch between digital and non-digital media. Art magazine De Witte Raaf: "That is what makes Shifting Optics in Upstream Gallery so important. Really signaling presentations, with new positions and angles, are indeed rare. This international group exhibition with eight artists shows a generation in full width and with high-quality work".

MOCA TV/ BW 3000 Commission


Geoffrey Lillemon creates a conversation between two cockatoos in this short film accompanying Bernhard Willhelm's exhibition at MOCA Pacific Design Center.

Willhelm is a designer who positions his clothing as a conscious response to mainstream culture and an initiator of transgressive, boundary-pushing, homosexual encounters. Lillemon is a frequent collaborator of Willhelm and contributed digital video to his installation at MOCA. His outlandish, psycho-sexual designs and animations have been commissioned by musicians such as Miley Cyrus and MGMT.

Faceless with Bernhard Willhelm- Gif Art

FACELESS is a two-part exhibition exploring a phenomenon present all around us: the fashion of “facelessness” that appeared in the creative arts at the beginning of this century and has remained popular since then. The exhibition reminds us of the impact that media-generated images can have on the creative arts and the ways in which they respond to public images, pop culture, and the mainstream in general.

The Nailpolish Inferno"- Black Throne Edition

April 5th - 12th 2015


Breda Museum MOTI, Museum of the Image  tells the story of visual culture on the basis of an appealing collection of photography, film and interactive design.Runs until June 28 at the museum exhibition BORN DIGITAL about a new generation of digital image makers.

On ART BREDA MOTI builds a popup expostitie with the oculus Rift -installation by Geoffrey Lillemon, where visitors actively participate. In addition, the museum at the fair a few pieces from their own collection, as the image Wandering Territory Anna Garfoth from 2011.

MOCA L.A Bernhard Willhelm 3000
Static + Video Art for Installation


Currently on 02.07.15 - 05.17.15 Los Angeles.

The Nailpolish Inferno “Born Digital” - Installation @ The MOTI Museum


In this Oculus Rift game, you literally step into a virtual world: The Nail Polish Inferno. In this digital version of the MOTI museum rooms, shady characters from Lillemon’s animations and art projects mess around, colourful and unpredictable. In his work, Lillemon looks at the digital media world and all extremes that daily pass through our field of vision: vain, semi-celebrities, grotesque figures, advertising glitter. In this virtual reality, everything comes together in a surreal spectacle that you can enter yourself, virtually, in MOTI.

Everyone is a Spy - Public Installation


“For Everyone is a Spy I think its important to show the occupation of voyeurism in public space. In this way creating the effect of a surveillance camera made up of 5 different individuals looming down on the public sends a strong message that we are all spies who are constantly broadcasting our brothers and sisters to social media, with or with out their approval.”

‘Everyone is a Spy’ is een reeks video’s die tussen 19 januari en 19 februari te zien zijn op diverse schermen in openbare ruimten en in bussen van Qbuzz.

The Beast and Sheast Show


The ‘Beast and Sheast Show’ follows an unlikely couple, always at odds with the world around them. Every episode is set in the same spa-cetime, but every story is independent of the other, enjoyable in it’s own right. Character wise, we focus on our duo but visit their intricate web of family, close friends and a whole sway of other characters, like ‘Slut God’ or ‘Narcissisbian’ the shark who is in love with its clone.

Our tales will remain psychedelic but stray in their tone and scale - from epic and sensational to psychological and introverted.

A Mens Underwear Commercial- Video Art, 02:00 min


Node Exhibition Description
When looking at Geoffrey Lillemon’s work, we may first think of disgust, voyeurism, infantility or white trash cultural pessimism. However, there’s more going on: by mixing human desires with the coldness of technology rather drastically, he creates the possibility that replicas of human beings might not be ‘uncanny’* any more. It seems that human instincts have to be adjusted to the digital world first. Lillemon uses representations from the recent history of art in order to show where humanness within the digital world might be found in the future. Zombies couldn’t be any less zombie-like than this.

* ‘uncanny’ describes the phenomenon that digital human replicas look almost, but not perfectly, like actual human beings.

Smokie and Lady Cronus- Video Art, 5:00 min  


What if William Blake took acid and worked on a Max Fleischer movie ? Smokie and L’dy Cronus may be the answer. Just sit down in front of that oil painting of L’dy Cronus’ aunt, she’s just about to tell you the unfortunate story. Blending a deep love for classical painting imagery and outrageous early XXth century animation, this love-story-gone-wrong between a overmanly fish and an mutant Minnie mouse, intended to be at first a music video, tries to bring through CG animation a new point of view over storytelling, using widely loop as a base material, and unconsistancy as a form of consistancy. Or in other words, never hit-and-run without thinking of the aftermath.

Slut Tricks- Video Art Series for Sedition

From the very depth of art history, an ancient god, shaped as a giant hand coming from the sky, has come to our time. Refered by some as “Manus dei”, featured in the Bayeux Tapestry or some Rembrandt engraving, Slut God wanders through art history and appears in many artworks as a cameo. But now it is her time to shine on the limelight. She met an attractive eyeball she can’t stop playing with, and finishes up trapped in endless loops where all symbolism looses meaning for glamorized erotic horror.


Installation sculpture with Bernhard Willhelm and Cutler X


Sheast Drunk- Performance Art

Impakt Festival


Rainbow X Apocalypse- Video Tryptic


Rainbow X Apocalypse is a video installationpiece we did as Champagne Valentine which was inspired by the 2012 end of the world doomsday prophecy. In the face of this looming dystopia, what do we choose? Absolute death or virtual reality? Rainbow X Apocalypse challenges viewers to explore the possibility of metaverse, an afterlife for avatars, a continually shifting space for our souls to live on for eternity. Net Art
2000 was a 10 year old net art project wich is widely acclaimed for pioneering an immervise online experience, specifically in Net Art. The surreal and painterly interactive animation style transfers the user into a surreal dimension which has no beginning and no end.

The Avant/Garde Diaries: Iris Van Herpen & Geoffrey Lillemon


The Romance of Technology.

"...It’s a shifting, mutable, and delicate waltz, but being open to the past and future allows these two to most fully inhabit and create in the present. It is within this rich space that both Lillemon and Van Herpen create their most intriguing work."
— The Avant/Garde Diaries

Like to Death - Net Art

Installed at the Boijmans Museum Rotterdam, in the exhibition Design Column Number 6 - Dataism

With every ‘like’ the figure of death disintegrates a bit more until nothing is left. By not ‘liking’ the project, on the other hand, you keep the work. It takes 20,000 ‘likes’ to destroy the figure altogether. The project is referencing the end of the curse of social media - digital networks that can likewise only be destroyed if a huge number of people give them up.

Sheast Showing How the Website Works In Bed,
Video Art


SS15 Digital Textile Collection

Sheast at Work


Image of Edessa- Net Art

Collaborations are always a great chance to see artists’ work in new light. “Image-of-Edessa” is a project between Evan Roth, known for his GIF investigations among other things and Geoffrey Lillemon who explores quite unique pop-cultural cut&paste imagery that has started with Champagne Valentine.

It takes the idea of a looping image sequence that has no beginning or end which creates a looping moment in time, a 4d sensory expererience, therefore the idea of a timeless relic allows for worship without the pressure of the hourglass. Avatars are a particularly powerful and personal graphical representation of identity which individuals construct consciously and carefully. As visual representations they are a key determining factor in how people perceive the identity we are promoting. They are the bodies we wear in cyberspace.

The “Image-of-Edessa” explores the notion of worship, the Internet and identity.

Mammy Balloobs

Exhibited for Hyres - 2014


The idea evolved off bringing our interests and experimental minds together and creating a piece of merging classical with new. In this context, a cello dating from 1810 being played underneath a bridge carrying a Paris metro line met After Effects and film.

We decided to bring attention to the gestures of the human figure playing cello in an apparent yet hidden space. The sound and camera techniques add a sense of realism although the treatment is portrayed ghostly and graphical.

Toxoplasmosis Installation

Shut-Up Stilhetto,
Digital Shoe

(add 3d shoe obj file)


Dance of the Sheast Nips,
Video Art


Shark Ink On Beast Therapy,
Video Art


Bugs Slimy,
Video Art

Sphinx Skins

A series of cat photos taken in The Cat Cabinet. The Museum is an art collection, the central theme of which is the cat. It is situated on the "Golden Bend" of Amsterdam. 

A cat is an example of sophistication minus civilization.

My Lover the Server

The exhibition offers an increasingly powerful interaction between viewer and artist , asking: is expressing love through icons, animations, video and .gifs the new bouquet of roses? How are romantic communications intensified and changed via the Internet? These questions will resonate with anyone who uses communication technology in daily life, particularly online social networks like Facebook, Hyves, and Skype, where flirtation has no face and high school obsessions re-emerge generation will be provoked and stimulated by My Lover the Server.

Miley Cyrus World Bangerz Tour

Geoffrey Lillemon and Diane Martel, the artists behind the visuals of 2014’s most extravagant, ostentatious world tour; the Miley Cyrus Bangerz tour, first made contact in an appropriately mad manner. “I WANT TO WORK WITH YOU,” Diane emailed Geoffrey. A short, moderately confused phone conversation followed, and so began a creative and crazy partnership, the two bound together “by an understanding of absurdity, contemporary culture, nightmares, and sleepless daydreams.” This is their vision for the tour that helped launch Miley’s post-Disney reinvention into the consciousness of the whole world.

On the Wine Talk Show

Episode 01: First Bottle Edition
"How Do Machines Hear Drunk People?"
Hosted by Geoffrey Lillemon + Michelle Kasperzak

Episode 02: Second Bottle Edition
"Does the Internet Have a Place for Beauty"
Hosted by Geoffrey Lillemon + Richard Overboom

Miley Cyrus Summertime Ball, Video Art


Pop-stage as public art medium.


Scissors and Patricia Rust, Video Art


Series of video artworks starring Patricia Rust and Bernhard Willhelm.

Miley Cyrus - Monte Carlo Music Awards

Video Art/ Textiles

M.G.M.T Optimizer, Video Art


Provides listeners of the album with a simultaneous aural and optical listening experience.

Adult Swim

Adult Swim asked me to make new faces for these images to get them cleared for licensing so I hired a fat guy and 3d scanned him and reskinned him to create new heads to get legal clearance.

Waxflatter Level Crossing

An interactive painting with capabilities that change as the song progresses allowing for rotatable display, color changes, particle explosions, warping and video dismantling. Viewers can skip to any one of the 8 edit points in the video to explore different ways to twist and manipulate the dark world of Geoff Lillemon’s art. Play with it carefully as it can get in your head and control your dreams, but fear not and have fluid visions when we drink, sleep, and breathe.

Nicki Minaj "Pills N Potions", Video Art as Music Video

Clockwork with Bernhard Willhelm



BW and Varda Ducovney + HANDS, Photography, Video Art


[Adult Swim] - Mythological Manicures

A series of magical creatures disrupted while grooming themselves. Exhibiting as Adult Swim Tv Idents in 2013.

A psychedelic observation into the daily lives of Horse Fingers, Pretty Pretty, and Blush Sack, caught in the middle of a an afternoon grooming session.
— Adult Swim

The Cove

A very important movie on behalf of the dolphins, I put this in my portfolio so people are aware of this film, and I happened to do the titles with Nate Naylor.


These spots for Napster were created as part of a campaign during my brief moments in advertising which included broadcast, print and an interactive. The experience is hypnotic, pulling the viewer into a napster TV takeover world.


The Nailpolish Inferno Version 01, Virtual Reality Art

Behind the doors of a 180mb installed $trip Club, an overdose of virtual reality violates the art patrons purity by the tempation of a holographic hell.

Tim Burton Dinner Party

Thematical party that we got paid to have in respect for a cult fave.

The Unfinished Business

A series of experiments and tests we do at the Geoffrey Lillemon Studio which are generally unpublished but lead to new ideas and methods for blending art and technology together.

Every once in a while we get reminded of lost ideas that we adored for a moment. This forces us to take a stroll through that process, gazing into the abyss, and occasionally the abyss gazes back onto us - showing that instinct shall not die.

Process can be a brutal yet precious experience that helps us grow as a creationist and as a person. It makes our minds constantly wonder.

Nothing feels normal except the essentials - air, sleep, dreams, trees, wine, and the sky. All things drifting towards the eternal or what we imagine of it.

Kiss the lips of yesterday and have affair with tomorrow.


Exile Ipad App

ID Magazine - Dr Alligator

In this original Geoffrey Lillemon documentary, Dr.Alligator examines what it means to be a young male/female and quizzes boys and girls with a rare condition called emotication; a terrible illness causing adverse physical reactions when discussing taste, sight, sound and smell. Embark on a highly educational and incredibly trippy journey into the world of boys and girls in 2014. Discover the answers to frequently asked questions such as "what do boys' hearts taste like?" and "what do girls' eyes look like?" Produced by Valtteri Laihanen and styled by Julia Sarr-Jamois, this is more than a feast for the senses, it's a good-bad colour explosion that'll leave a brilliantly weird taste in your mouth.

Pretty up at The Carousel via The Louvre - Lipstick

During Paris Fashion Week Iwas asked by Bernhard Willhelm to come up with a concept for a live performance show his AW 2013 Men and Women's Collection. So we came up with the idea of making a giant red lipstick that all of the dancer/ models would dance around a worship. In the end of the performance they all rubbed their face against the sculpture screaming "pretty pretty."

The interpretive dance was inspired by a colony of beasts living on a remote island.

Versace H&M Digital Textile Video Art






Black Material

One of the great virtues of art is that it enables us to see the world through a different lens, forcing one to oscillate from passive spectator to active participant, a role that imbues work with meaning. In this spirit, 00 aims to change the way in which we engage, perceive and experience creativity.

A mini music video for a forthcoming book + DVD release entitled Black material. The video is inspired by the work of German artist Robert Knoke, with music by underground electro producer Spencer Product. The video was a collaboration between Champagne Valentine & future-freaky couture queen Lucy McRae.

Bernhard Willhelm SS14 - Textile Collection

A collection of textiles I made for Bernhard's SS14 Collection.


A film by Champagne Valentine and Petrovsky & Ramone for new Aura essence brand Aureola. Using color, light, rare botanical essences and crystals, Aureola rebalances the human energy field when applied to body pulse points.





This was a sci fi piece with Lucy Mcrae for the Show Studio body project. Now that I have learned about Merkins I think that should be the new title.




Stereopsis is an exploration through an alien couture landscape, using echoes and ghosts to leave time in the residue of a digital harp performance. This combination of the universal based fashion of Pauline van Dongen and Champagne Valentine invites you into a backwards galaxy.


Bare Bones, Video Art

Short film created for the Bare Bones exhibition in London.


I Love you Like A Fat Ladies Love Apples


Apparition of Lupercalia


Dream Garden


Sonomophic Mirror

As part of SHOWstudio's "Splash" LiveStudio with Iris van Herpen, Nick Knight and Daphne Guinness — Geoffrey was asked to create a film for the project.

The film was created on throughout the week of live broadcasting. The dramatic piece that represents theSplash! project in moving image and sound. From the thousands of stills captured in Nick Knight's water shoot, we have carefully composed a selection of frames to create the film. Seen from the side and front on, a nude Guinness appears clothed in cascades of water. The footage, like van Herpen's dress, captures transient moments of chaos. Positioned within an oval frame, Guinness appears as a reflection in a mirror, or portrait.

The resulting piece is in sync with the visual narrative. As the water hits Guinness' nude figure, its force is audible and it becomes the dominant sound. 

Tate Modern

We collaborated with Polish artist Miroslaw Balka and the Tate Modern to extend his 2009 Turbine Hall into an installation online. Disorientating and dark, the site mirrors the install itself giving viewers insight into the inspiration behind the work itself via Balka's handwritten notes.

Accompanying is an immersive 3d audio exploration of Miroslaw Balka's Tate installation as an iPhone app. Special location based gameplay is unlocked on site when users visit the Tate Modern.

The Opera Repose

Opera Music visualizer set in the dining room of the late Gerglino Butterflini.

Sixxy Bowleggs
, Realtime Loop


Net Art

Horizon Zero


My Broken Brain


Lost Planet is an experimental online video channel showcase for the Lost Planet editing studio. The site is an otherworldly portal into the psyche of Lost Planet where visitors can explore a porfolio of work via a bizarre planetary interface.

Gazelle Twin



Escape the paparazzi is an online game where you play a notorious Hollywood celebrity. To arrive at your glamorous destination, a party at Mann’s Chinese Theatre, you race along Sunset blvd avoiding paparazzi cameras. Special pickups include mobile phones (Russell Crowe) and couches (Tom Cruise). Champagne Valentine was inspired by the comical and seedy underbelly of Hollywood in their creation of this interactive world, which was featured in Vh1’s top ten games for many years.


Diesel Jewellery

This was a commision from Hi-Res based on my work with and so I created dream sequences to launch Diesel's Jewellery collection online. The dreams live inside a surreal cabinet , the Cabinet of Visions, owned by an imaginary surrealist jewller St Andalou Rous- seau-Fontaine.  

In the Woods

An online interactive prequel for an independent feature film called In the Woods. The film features an array of stars such as Terrence Howard, Rufus Wainwright, Famke Janssen, Karen Black, Moby, Will Oldham, Aimee Mullins, lost in the woods and in their minds.


Bank Sculpture

While Creative Director at Champagne Valentine, Geoffrey worked with a Diesel Europe commision to create an interactive sculpture installation to end them all for the launch of their Winter campaign in October 2010.

Mor Mor Ingrid

For this piece, we took the classic arts of sculpted busts and sketchbook drawings and merged it with projection mapping technology. The face of our elderly grandmother, Mormor Ingrid, comes to life with the shock of users dropping rocks into her hand. The black and white lines that dance across her 3d printed face create a holographic portrait of her disturbed slumber.

Fever Beach

Teaser for Fever Beach, a location based cinema app by Champagne Valentine in collaboration with Aphids and Atelier Edens Australia.

Fever Beach is supported by Parks Victoria, Creative Environment Enterprises, VicHealth MOTION program, Sidney Myer Foundation, Hugh Williamson Foundation, and the Australia Council for the Arts.

Submarine Channel


Emoticon Lab

The emoticon lab is an interactive application which captures people’s actual facial expressions in real time and composites animations based on their emotions. Are you feeling sad? The emoticon lab will adjust your mood by adding animated layers of beauty into your environment, taking you to better place.


Aphids Animation



A.R Instrument


The Never-Ending Why

The Never Ending why is an interactive music video for goth-rock band Placebo which takes viewers on a fanciful, creature-filled trip. Set in a fantastical world, the narrative stars a silouetted couple trying to escape time-shifting neo-tibetan monsters, all set against a surreally decorated set. The experience invites viewers to play and participate inside the music video world by moving their mouse to trigger reactive visual layers. This interaction alters the world in real-time, adding stunning generative layers and 3d animation programmed in a high-end flash environment.

Box Instrument



Essentially this project put Champagne Valentine under the ground for a bit of time.